A joint venture between DuPont do Brasil and the Cipatex Group® has led to the creation of DUCI. We are a company with large experience in the market, producing non-fabrics for many different applications and with the highest technology, to fulfill our clients’ daily and demanding special needs, while investing in innovation and offering differentiated quality.

We have adopted a behavior of respect and trust towards our clients, collaborators and the environment, in order to ensure quality, client satisfaction and sustainability. This is our daily commitment to society and natural resources.

In view of the industry’s growth, DUCI has honed its values in terms of SHEA (Safety and Health, Environmental Protection, High Ethical Standards of Behavior and Respect to People) in order to keep the safety of all stakeholders even under the most adver­se conditions, thus establishing a successful company and proud of its collaborators and shareholders.

Our non-fabrics ensure excellent quality, safety and performance, servicing the footwear, critical cleaning and personal hygiene markets, and the printing, automotive, civil construction, chemical, hospital, cosmetic, and furniture sectors, among others. We make non-fabrics through two different processes: spunlace and needle punching.