Live, in color, and full of prints


Rio has always been a great source of inspiration for the arts.

Our nature, our weather, our colours… everything feels like poetry and FARM always wanted to translate this into fashion. But how? In the most natural, contemporary and authentic way possible.

Our brand was born in a small stand of a fashion market. The stand turned into a store, which turned into a chain of stores, which conquered our city, then other cities, states and even other countries. Wow! our little corner turned into a reference for the girls in Rio (also known as Cariocas) and originated an inspiring new lifestyle.

The Carioca girl is our starting point of inspiration beacuse she is exactly what we believe beauty to be: an extension of her happiness and vivacity, a translation of her soul captured in colour and print.

Essentially, FARM is less about high heels and more about being barefoot on the sand. It´s less about makeup and more about a natural tan. It´s less about hair straightening and more about letting your hair dry naturally in the wind after a swim in the sea. It´s less mirrors and more eye to eye, less schedules and more about owning your own time!

In a natural and organic process, the owners, Marcello Bastos e Katia Barros successfully captured the essence and soul of their lifelong inspiration: the Carioca girl.