Ledervin is present in the day-to-day of millions and millions of people and is found in various items of our daily life.
This presence is only possible due to over 20 years of experience, always attentive to the market seeking new technologies and new trends to meet the needs of its customers with the very best in synthetic fabrics and laminates.

We have an important role in building a new Brazil. Through our brands, we are becoming more present at work, leisure and in the homes of people. We use all of our resources consciously. We treat everyone with respect. We value and invest in anyone who wants more, anyone who deserves it. With inspiration, transpiration and competency, we generate admirable results for our customers and shareholders.

Ledervin currently has two manufacturing plants in São Paulo and serves a large market.

In Sumaré, it produces synthetic fabrics and laminates especially for the furniture and decoration market through the Voga brand.
In Vargem Grande Paulista, it produces technical laminates for the covering market through the Drakar brand.

With a total area of 189 mil m² and 550 employees, Ledervin has a production capacity of 7 million m² per month. Its products are present all over Brazil and in over 20 countries in Latin America and North America.


Voga is a brand of the Ledervin group, it is focused on the fashion, furniture and decoration market and it provides products with characteristics like unmatched touch and comfort, variety of colors, exclusive textures and prints. Furthermore, it provides the market a wide line of products ranging from the most popular to the most sophisticated lines.

Located in Sumaré, interior of São Paulo, it has a manufacturing plant with a built area of 52 thousand m², it presently has a production capacity of 400 million meters per year and approximately 400 employees that receive constant trainings to obtain full quality in the execution and results.

Voga is present in the upholstered, tubular and office furniture, domestic utility, table cloth, decoration, gift, bag and accessory market.

With an active sales body and representatives distributed all over Brazil and the Americas, its products are present in the entire national territory and in various countries.