Emitex: RVB Malhas and Audaces expect sales of USD 5.2 million over the next 12 months





The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina hosted the 2019 edition of Emitex from April 9 to 11, a trade show geared toward producers of apparel industry inputs. RVB Malhas and Audaces took part in the event with the support of Texbrasil (Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry Internationalization Program) – held through a partnership between Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) and Abit (Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association). The companies had sales of USD 540,000 over the three days of the event. Additional sales of USD 5.2 million are expected over the coming months. In addition to finalizing orders and prospecting future deals, 627 contacts were also made.


Audaces, which specializes in textile technology, has been at the event for the last 15 years. According to the company’s International Sales Manager, Eduardo Mauricio da Silveira Lopez, the show is the company’s main event for the year.


He explains that the Argentine market is the top destination for Audaces exports – followed by Colombia, Peru and Mexico – and he says that the country’s geographic proximity is one favorable factor during negotiations. “Because the country is going through a political and economic crisis, purchases are not instantaneous. When the customer negotiates with us, they feel assured, since they have the option of one-to-one meetings. Just take a flight to Florianópolis (where the company is headquartered),” he says.


He also explains that the service sold by Audaces (textile industry software) ends up not being affected by the crisis. “Our technologies create no costs; they end up cutting costs, so it’s attractive to executives,” he adds in closing.


About Texbrasil

The Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry Internationalization Program (Texbrasil) works with textile and apparel industry companies to develop strategies for success in the global market. Over nearly 20 years, it has helped around 1500 brands to enter the export market, bringing in USD 3.6 billion in business. The Program is conducted by Abit in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).