A trip, an encounter, a horizon, a desire, difrent inspirations, feel that experience of the tropical joy, casual ambience and the Bossa of our Brasil, translated in shapes, colors, textures that blend our “encantos mil” with the European sophistication and taste. The Bikiny Society, is a rehearsal of the best moments of our life, that we always dream of: vacations!!! Meeting our friends, exchanging ideas, finding new cultures, discovering remote paradise beaches and desert islands, searching endless adventures and making dreams come through… In essence boarding into an endless voyage. We want to start a new “Beach Cuture” concept, that balances chic and cool, the natural and the sophisticated, We want to gather a group of people that share the same desire to live well, celebrate life and try new tastes. We want to start a new movement, culture, life style, a beach society. Bikiny Society, is a warm brand, with summer soul, that loves free time, is always searching for the sun and is down to earth and sand of courser!