As well as the stand out for leadership in this market, also become a reference in trend and design. With a much higher demand than our small company in Barra Funda could behave, we moved to the Polo Textile Santa Barbara D’Oeste, in São Paulo. We innovate again by becoming the first company to manufacture the tissue type Blackout in Brazil. That same year, the reinvented and invest in the modernization of our manufacturing plant with the acquisition of the most modern and versatile machines, and state of the art gripper looms that enabled us to offer a new proposal to the market: the fabric flat, a version whose designs and releases have been renewed until today. We grew up in a structured way, we invest in improvements and new equipment through acquisitions, and today we have a vertical structure in an area of ​​20 thousand square meters, where we work from the twisting of wires to the finish, with a full laundry and a line Special treatments such as flame-retardant water repellency, etc. finishes, so we are structured to meet all the demands of our customers, in addition we have in our portfolio a line of diversified products, with hundreds of design variants and more than 900 Online tissues.