Brazilian textile and apparel sector for 2022

  • Textile and Apparel Chain Revenue: BRL 190 billion (2021)
  • Exports (excluding cotton fiber): USD 1,14 billion
  • Imports (excluding cotton fiber): USD 5,9 billion
  • Trade balance (excluding cotton fiber): negative USD 4,8 billion
  • Investments in the sector: BRL 4,9 billion (2021)
  • Average apparel production:  8,1 billion pieces (apparel + socks and accessories + home textiles)(2021)
  • Average textile production: 2,16 million tons (2021)
  • Workers: 1,34 million direct employees and 8 million more if indirect employees and income effect are added, 60% of which are women;
  • 2nd largest employer in the manufacturing industry, behind only the (joint) food and beverage industry
  • Number of companies: 22,5 thousand nationwide (legally registered);
  • Among the top five denim producers and consumers in the world
  • Among the four largest knitwear producers in the world
  • Accounts for 19.5% of employees and 6% of Manufacturing Industry revenues
  • São Paulo Fashion Week is among the top five fashion weeks in the world
  • We have over 100 fashion schools and colleges
  • A nearly 200-year-old industry in the country
  • Brazil is the largest complete Textile Chain in the West: Only we have everything from the production of fibers, such as cotton, to fashion shows, spinning, weaving, processing, apparel and retail
  • Brazil is an international reference in the design of beachwear, jeanswear and homewear, having also grown in the fitnesswear and underwear segments

Updated in March 2023