The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association (Abit), founded in 1957*, is one of the most important entities among the economic sectors of the Country. It represents a production force of 25,2 thousand companies located throughout the national territory, companies of all sizes that employ over 1.5 million workers and together generate an annual revenue of USD 48,3 billion**.

The Brazilian Textile and Apparel Sector stands out in the world scenario not only thanks to its professionalism, creativity and technology, but also by the size of its textile facilities: it is the fourth largest textile and the fourth clothing industry in the world. Self-sufficient in cotton production, Brazil produces 5,5 billion garments per year, being a worldwide reference in beachwear, jeanswear, and homewear. Other segments are also gaining international market share such as our womenswear, menswear, children’s wear, fitness, and underwear.

To meet all the demands of the Textile Chain, which includes companies producing natural, artificial and synthetic fibers, including wiring, processing, weaving and apparel companies, Abit maintains a physical and intellectual structure to support and guide members. All activities performed by the team of employees and consultants seek to support the sustainable development of companies in the sector and defend its interests at government agencies and national and international entities. With integrated work, Abit intends to make Brazil’s textile and apparel industry a reference in technology and innovation on the worldwide stage.

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(*) initially, it was founded under the name Associação Paulista da Indústria Têxtil (“São Paulo Textile Industry Association”)

(**) Data from 2019