Letícia Manzan

Letícia Manzan makes democratic pieces that can be used more than once and any time of day. She sees no reason why you shouldn’t wear a short party dress with a jean jacket and sneakers, for instance.

Artistic, light and young references are the keywords defining the brand.

Letícia Manzan, designer and creator of the eponymous brand, hold a degree in Fashion Design with a specialization from Instituto Marangoni (Milan) and Bunka Fashion College (Tokyo). For 10 years, she has worked creating and developing collections.

After years as a designer at renowned luxury fashion brands, Letícia decided to strike out on her own, creating her eponymous brand. After just three years in the market, the designer is already a star on the Brazilian fashion scene. The brand can be found in the best stores. The brand studio can be found at one of the city of Uberlândia’s most upscale locations and the flagship store is located in São Paulo.