Modelle Bojos

Bojos Modelle’s greatest inspiration is the female essence. Years of experience are proof of the versatility of the company, which works with innovative technologies, guaranteeing unique well-being for the women that wear the company’s products. Serving customers in an agile and upstanding manner is also part of the company’s values.

There are around 300 models of cups, divided into four lines, each with an innovative differential. Find out more about the categories:


Gran Modelle – Comfort and protection at all times.

Modelle Sun – A waterproof product that does not soak up liquid.

Estillo Modelle – A cup that does not become deformed or smashed, it is machine-washable without losing its original shape.

Modelle Slim – Extremely thin, delicate and secure.

Ecofriendly – Aware of sustainability issues, Modelle also invests in environmentally friendly raw materials that are free of CFC, a substance that is hazardous to the environment.