The Group Paramount Têxteis complete 115 years of existence in 2008 as one of the largest companies in the Brazilian and Latin American textile sector. Its fabrics division manufactures the best products of pure wool, like the Super 100’s, Super 120’s, Super 130’s and wool blends with cashmere, silk, viscose, cotton and lycra. In 2003, it has established itself as the only company in the Americas to manufacture the exclusive Super 150’s Collezione Paramount, tissue finest micrometer. Paramount is the only textile company with quality compared to the best, English and Italian, to produce pure cool wool fabrics.
The division of wool tops purchase of the best Brazilian producers and import from Australia and South Africa. Most of the production, 90% is exported. The remaining 10% is allocated to the production of Pingouin yarn for carpets, the wool to thicker fabrics of unity weaving and wool blends with acrylic for sweaters.
The company also excels in the production of industrial yarns for knitting, knitting, crochet and tapestry.