Courage. Consistency. These are the labels that qualify Santanense. With 118 years on the market, we collect a history of challenges and pioneering success. From the first 32 looms, back in 1895, to the three plants which offer 60 million linear meters of high quality fabric to the market every year, we can say the company has made a unique journey. The last years have unveiled an organization with a talent for leadership. Investments have been made to increase productivity and to expand our product line. New management tools have modernized our managerial processes and have allowed us to ensure a final quality which is able to meet the demands of a market that has become increasingly more competitve. The training of employees involved courses and significant resources. Technical innovations have contributed to make our production cycle more agile, efficient and precise. By meeting highly ambitious production and quality targets our company has consolidated its position among the best in our segment. This is the Santanense that makes history. A renewed industrial park. New products. Differentiated service to each one of our clients. Always attentive to the world and its social, economical and cultural changes. Santanense arrived in the 21st century ready to continue dressing its more and more demanding customers, in Brazil and abroad.