Founded in 1993 by Ana Paola Murta and Vander Martins, Skazi began when the partners invested in creation, technology and enhancement for its predecessor, Club do Fio, making it necessary to change the name of the brand. Later, designer Eduardo Amarante took over the creative team, definitively consolidating Skazi in the fashion market.
Today, there are over 500 points of sale and 25 years of history, founded on competency and good taste. For 25 years, Skazi has produced womenswear with a sophisticated, contemporary and cutting-edge feel. Consistently distinguished for its design, relations and excellence in distribution, the label is among the largest fashion houses in Minas Gerais and has been divided into two lines since 2014: Skazi and SClub, which define the Skazi style of dressing with casualness and sophistication.
Producing an average of 100,000 pieces annually, using fine materials such as lace, crepe and silk chiffon, Skazi is also notable for its prominent participation at shows such as Casamoda (SP) and Veste Rio, with stands that are always packed. The Casa Skazi space opened in 2017, showing collections twice yearly and welcoming customers, fashion consultants and the press with a full buffet, spa and a series of services offering impeccable treatment to every visitor. The brand establishes its place as a creator of trends each season, with prints, shapes and materials meant to be fully explored in the closets of the women of Brazil.