YD Confecçoes is one of the most versatile companies in the fashion sector, selling to customers from famous trademarks, big retailers and supermarket segments hiring more than 700 employees in the production branches located in Conchas (a town in the city of Sao Paulo) and Sao Paulo (capital).

More than four decades in the market, we produce about 350,000 clothing pieces per month to customers which understand that quality is one of their most important differentials in sales.

Through a trustworthy and interactive relationship, which embodies YD teams and our customers, we share processes such as: creation, modeling, monitoring of quality and delivery with the aim of reaching our customers’ needs and satisfaction. We sell to important trademarks from different retail segments, and we already exported to the American and European markets, lining up the company to what is considered the most creative process in the fashion segment all over the world.