Group of international journalists and buyers participate in the 24th Minas Trend



From April 8 to 11, three journalists and three buyers from abroad checked out the fashion shows and Brazilian companies’ stands at the 24th edition of Minas Trend. In addition to the event, which was held in Belo Horizonte from April 9 to 12, the group, which traveled to the city at the invitation Texbrasil (Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry Internationalization Program) – the result of a partnership between Abit (Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association) and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), also fulfilled a business agenda in Belo Horizonte. As a result, brands did USD 72,500 in business with members of the international group. Expectations are good: USD 380,000 over the next 12 months.

The press group included Ivan Castaño, with the WWD website in the USA; Carina Oviedo, with Paraguay’s La Nación newspaper; and Patuska Knezvich, with Publimetro Peru. Buyers included Zhané Amoi of England, with the Blaiz boutique; France’s Tiffany MacCall, of Tiffany’s Boutique; and Daniela Dahmer of Uruguay, with the Karech Internacional store.

The Program members that took part in Minas Trend and met with the international group were Daniela Tombini, Fabina Milazzo, Fátima Scofild, Reina, Manzan, Patricia Motta, Raissa, Victor Dzenk, Juliana Sanmartin, Liziane Richter, Maria Pavan, Thays Temponi, T. Arrigoni, Cedro Têxtil, Tear Têxtil and Santanense. Visitors were also able to see the latest launches from the Skazi, Tutta and PatBo brands during a business agenda promoted by the Texbrasil team.

Zhané said that Brazilian fashion was especially interesting, especially the floral prints and colors in the S/S collections. “I loved the fashion shows and I enjoyed how the trip was set up. The agenda went beyond the companies that were showing at the event and introduced us to a very interesting selection of brands from Minas,” she says.


Diverse program

Minas Trend brought the motto of “Summer Days” to this edition at Expo Minas, with guests checking out the event’s eight fashion shows. The runway in Minas Gerais featured collections from the Skazi, Fátima Scofield, Trendbjoux by Sindijoiais, Alagoas collective, Patricia Motta, Denise Valadares and Raquel de Queiroz brands. This year, shows included live performances by artists like Zélia Duncan, Elba Ramalho and Minas Gerais-based pop group Jota Quest.

Jota Quest had attendees at the Skazi show dancing during one of the most highly anticipated fashion shows of the event’s three days. The label showed a collection with 45 brand new looks inspired by the first woman to surf a big wave, Isabel Lethan. Items included natural fibers, leather, technological fabrics, linen and lots of surfwear.

Another highlight was designer Patrícia Motta, who brought three elements to Minas Trend – fire, earth and air – while showing her collection, filled with shapes inspired by the ’60s. The famous leather dresses came in a palette of colors that included blue, white, green, coral and red.

About Texbrasil

The Brazilian Textile and Fashion Industry Internationalization Program (Texbrasil) works with textile and apparel industry companies to develop strategies for success in the global market. Over nearly 20 years, it has helped around 1500 brands to enter the export market, bringing in USD 3.6 billion in business. The Program is conducted by Abit in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil)