Acqua Rosa

The Sporting Way company was founded in 1996, with its name later being lent to the Sporting Way Brand of fitness wear, swimwear and slim beachwear. After producing slim beachwear with the same fitness Brand, there was a need to launch a new brand with a new concept. That has how Acqua Rosa began, as a modern and unique Beachwear brand.

Having noticed that a new niche market had emerged, after intense research, in 2006 a need was identified to create a new line to serve plus size women, under the same slim beachwear concept. That was how Acqua Rosa Plus Size (beachwear) began, using the same design, comfort, durability, unique cuts, prints and exclusive metals. With a modern quality policy, Acqua Rosa has been meeting more and more demands from modern consumers looking for quality and style, along with a competitive price, using the latest technology and specialized manpower.

Sporting Way (fitness and swimming) is focused on products geared towards sports, with an elaborate design, anatomical cuts, high-tech fabrics that bolster performance and comfort during physical activities.

After 15 years in the Brazilian market and having consolidated its place in every state in Brazil, the company began the internationalization process. It is currently found in the digital environment to grow its reach and gain new partners, therefore increasing performance. Thanks to this innovative vision, the company’s brands are now found in Europe and the USA and it has just recently entered the Middle East.

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